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     Crescent Hospital was inaugurated on 1st of May 1997 under the auspices of Crescent Medical Centre Ltd. The birth of this Hospital marked the beginning of a new era of professional health care in the history of Alathur. The population of the thaluk, totaling around 4 Lakhs, had the opportunity, for the first time, to seek expert medical opinion and efficient treatment for their ailments in their own locality.

     A hospital was such a need in the locality that 90% of people who suffered from even minor ailments had to travel at least 50 Kms to procure primary health care. The National High Way on an entire length of 110 Kms between Coimbatore and Thrissur, didnít have a single hospital where emergency trauma care could be availed. The region had witnessed through years a number of incidents of road traffic accident victims dying on their way to hospital just because they couldnít get emergency medical care at the right time.

     It was under these dismal circumstances that Crescent Medical Centre Ltd. came forward and put forth the trend-setting path in health care by establishing a Centre capable of providing excellent and immediate modern medical treatment.

     The promoters of this noble venture include a group of motivated people for whom this land is their hometown and the inhabitants are their friends and relatives. So, to alleviate the tragic grievances of the people around them was deemed as their God ordained duty towards the community. Rather than monetary benefit, the prime motive behind this humane effort was to lend a helping hand to the society to alleviate their suffering and hardships.

It is with this motive that CMC set forth its motto as 'Service to Humanity is Service to the Almighty'.

To know more about Crescent Hospital, Kindly visit the website: www.crescenthospital.com

     Considering the need of the locality to have a Nursing College that can keep up high standards in the nursing profession, and with its experience in establishing and administering the Crescent Hospital and the School of Nursing, Crescent Medical Center decided to set up a Nursing College under its management. With the available infrastructure facilities and medical/paramedical personnel of the Hospital, it can provide advanced knowledge and training at degree level with ample clinical experience to the nursing students.

     The College of nursing which got approval from Govt.of Kerala, University of Calicut, Kerala Nursing Council and Indian Nursing Council, was inaugurated on 2nd of January 2006. Of total strength of 50 students per year, 50% are given to Government quota. The management is collecting the Govt. approved tuition and other fees only.

     The College of Nursing aims at imparting nursing education based and built on scientific principles and sound educational theory & practice to aspiring young students to prepare them professionally as qualified nurses who will be able to function as a team member in the role of a practicing nurse. The institution will endeavor to instill in them a true spirit of service to the humanity so that they emerge as fully developed professional to serve the needy world.

     Crescent Medical Centre has procured 5 acres of scenic land on the banks of river gayathri, about a kilometer from the existing hospital, for the purpose of establishing its Nursing institutions. The Construction of College Building and hostel Building has been completed and The school of Nursing and College of Nursing has started functioning in the new premises. It has well equipped classroom, office rooms, Science lab, Fundamental lab, Computer lab and Audio-visual labs, in standard with the Nursing Council norms. Well qualified and experienced faculty is working sincerely to impart professional nursing training for the students, so as to make this first College of Nursing of Palakkad district a standard professional education center, as its present sister concern, the Crescent School of Nursing.